5 of the Best-Selling Christmas Books of All Time!
On December 19, 2018

Recipes, beautiful art, and heart-warming stories of a memory shared with family and friends—it’s no surprise that Christmas books often become treasured keepsakes, but these holiday titles have kept their spots on our top-sellers list!


1. A Victorian Nova Scotia Christmas by Molly Simmons

Everyone can usually remember a time in their childhood when Christmas was especially magical for them. Here the author is regaling the reader of just such a Christmas that’s long since passed, during a time when life was much simpler. This book is all about what we find so great about Christmas: the traditions, the family time, and the overall atmosphere, filled with anticipation, generosity, and gratitude. It’s great for kids who want to learn about old fashioned Christmases and for adults feeling a little nostalgic for days gone by.


2. Mary Morrison’s Cape Breton Christmas by Bette MacDonald

Mary Morrison is a character of Cape Breton that has been making people laugh for many years. It’s only fitting that she be given her own how-to guide for surviving Christmas. She covers all the bases, from recipes to gift giving to getting through those family dinners. For an added treat she tells some hilarious stories from her own childhood Christmases. The book in itself is a true gift from one of Atlantic Canada’s best comedians.


3. Christmas with the Rural Mail by Lance Woolaver

This book was one of the first titles we had ever released. The fact that it’s been reprinted several times over the past four decades goes to show how well it’s stood the test of time. We have a sleigh travelling through beautiful little rural Nova Scotia, a charming poem, and paintings by the late and great Maud Lewis—a trifecta. In a world filled with countless retellings of A Visit from St. Nicholas, it’s refreshing that it’s not Santa’s sleigh bringing the parcels and presents to town but an old fashioned mailsleigh.


4. Vintage Christmas: Holiday Stories from Rural PEI by Marlene Campbell

It’s rare that you find someone with so many Christmas stories to tell they could fill a whole book. Or maybe you have and just never thought about it before. What we love hearing about are Christmases of days gone by, when life and the road to satisfaction were a lot simpler. The author gives us nostalgia for a country Christmas from forty to seventy years ago even if we’re too young to have known that time. It’s a gift to live vicariously through this author and her family’s memories.


5. Winter edited by Dan Soucoup

What’s great about this collection is that it doesn’t focus solely on Christmas. It goes across the board in all things wintery, and shows that it’s the greatest season for storytelling, when we’re all bundled up at home and looking for a good book to read. Contributors are from all over the Maritimes, giving readers the unique flavour of their hometown experiences along the way. The themes are not all one sided, either. They do explore the dangerous and bitter parts of winter as much as the cozy and sentimental ones, balancing out. Overall they’re great pieces, ideal for both Christmas reading or a winter’s night bedtime story.


Blog post by Meaghan Steeves