We are committed to providing our visitors with a web site that respects their privacy. This page summarizes the privacy policy and practices for Nimbus Publishing Limited (Nimbus) web server.

Nimbus does not automatically gather any personal information from anyone; names, phone numbers, e-mail or street addresses are not collected during any visit to its Web sites. This information is only obtained if it is supplied voluntarily: usually through specific areas of our customer service pages via e-mail, feedback forms, ecommerce or any variation of an information gathering form.

Some information may pass through our server in the form of an email, and it may reside on our servers until the intended recipient either retrieves it or flags it for deletion. Other information may be stored in a database or a file that resides on one of our servers. These files and databases are password protected and in a physically secure environment. Only our staff and our internet service provider has physical access to this information and our service provider only does backups and data storage and retains these for a month. All such data is stored in a secure area and would only be accessed if they needed to be restored to Nimbus’ data.

Nimbus takes no responsibility for its safety from unauthorized access of this data from the internet to the extent that we provide physical barriers to the servers as well as prevent unauthorized access from the general public via firewalls and/or network and server authentication processes (ie: strong password authentication).

Nimbus may use cookies to store a randomly generated identifier for the visit and logged in users have a cookie that identifies them as per their login. The cookies do not collect or contain personal information about anyone except an authentication ID. Here is the list of other information that we are collecting by using cookies:

  • An IP address. Nimbus makes no attempt to link this address with the identity of individuals except in the case of suspected misuse or fraudulent activity
  • The length of each visit
  • The number of requests per visit
  • The type of operating system (Windows, Macintosh, Unix, etc.)
  • The browser type (Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  • Where you came from (Referrer)
  • What page you left the site and or server (Last accessed page)

By keeping this data in a log file, Nimbus’ web server administrators can provide statistical information so we can fine-tune our site based on user-activity trends.