New England Masts and The King’s Broad Arrow

Samuel F. Manning

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ISBN: 9781934982136

New England Masts and The King’s Broad Arrow

  Author:   Samuel F. Manning    
  Publisher:  WoodenBoat Books

Author/illustrator Sam Manning has brought to life a period in history which makes this book valuable, but not simply because you will understand how the shipbuilding industry worked from the 1600s – 1800s. Manning shows what governments were doing, why, and how it directly parallels the twentieth- and twenty-first century policies of nations to spend blood and treasure to ensure they can control the supply of natural resources for their national security. With 1600s Europe unable to supply the big tall masts needed for their navies, Great Britain established a policy of marking trees in New England which were specifically the Crown’s, to be cut, processed, and shipped back to England. Without proper masts, the navy could not carry sails to propel their ships–much like the need for oil today.

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ISBN associated with this title:9781934982136
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PublisherWoodenBoat Books
PublisherWoodenBoat Books
Published onDecember 7 2016
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Samuel F. Manning is well-know for his clear and distinctive illustrations, published in such noted books as John Gardner's The Dory Book, and the WoodenBoat Book How to Build a Wooden Boat by David ?Bud? McIntosh. He is a lifelong waterman, know for rowing his dory on a daily basis, on the coast of Maine, even throughout the winter.