Company Store

John Mellor

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ISBN: 9781926908106

Company Store

J.B.McLachlan and the Cape Breton Miners, 1900-1925

  Author:   John Mellor    
  Publisher:  Breton Books

With all the passion and forward thrust of a terrific novel, TheCompany Store is John Mellor’s winning story of Labour’s Wars in CapeBreton Island. A much sought after book, it has been too long out ofprint, and it remains a good place for the general reader to start indigging into this essential story in the making of the character ofindustrial Cape Breton. The company store itself stands as a powerfulsymbol for the entire system against which the miners fought—a systemwherein the company owned the mines, the homes, the stores and ofteneven the ministers and priests—all with the goal of profits forshareholders and of keeping the workers indebted and in line.  Andwhen all these failed, the governments sent in the troops against theworkers!

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ISBN associated with this title:9781926908106
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PublisherBreton Books
PublisherBreton Books
Published onSeptember 18 2012
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John Mellor was a volunteer with the British Naval Commandos - on the beach in the Dieppe Raid and at Normandy on D-Day. He carried shrapnel from Dieppe the rest of his life. He was a sailor with the Royal Navy until 1953, then had a varied career as electrical engineer, high school teacher and freelance writer. His first book, Dieppe: Canada's Forgotten Heroes, took the prestigious Canadian Authors' Association Award for Literary Excellence and the Canadian Non-Fiction Award.