10 Halloween Books for Kids
On October 17, 2018

Here are ten fun books to get your kids ready for Halloween!


Kids undoubtedly get into the Halloween spirit just as easily, if not more so because of the impending candy, as adults do. It’s the most exciting time of autumn, with the parties, themed movies, and the costume selection. Another thing we all tend to do around this time is read Halloween books to get us in the mood for October 31st. For that reason we’ve put together ten ideas (from picture books to mysteries) for the kids and teens in your life, either to read or have read to them!


1. The Walking Bathroom by Shauntay Grant, Illustrated by Erin Bennett Banks

Choosing costumes is one of the best parts of Halloween…until it feels like you’ve done them all, over and over again. Amayah has this problem and she’s pretty frustrated about it. In the end her creation is both original and imaginative! We think this story should be a Halloween classic and will at the very least inspire you to get creative with your costume picks, no matter how old you are.


2. Pumpkin People by Sandra Lightburn and Ron Lightburn

The autumn harvest is a wonderful time for everyone, with so much to see and do. It’s definitely the tastiest season for apples and pumpkin recipes. Gathering up vegetables and storing things away for winter are other traditions. This story is about two children going to a harvest party with the scarecrow pumpkin people, and even includes a guide in the back for making your own! It’s a lot of fun, and something you might find you want to do every year.


3. If I Were a Zombie by Kate Inglis, Illustrated by Eric Orchard

This is a perfect example of “don’t judge a book by its cover”. In spite of the title, it’s not actually all about zombies! Two best friends describe what they’d do if they were all kinds people and creatures. Some are real (like ninjas and adults) but most are make-believe creatures like goblins, sea monsters and, yes, zombies. It’s both fun and funny, and the rhymes are quite catchy.


4. Be a City Nature Detective by Peggy Kochanoff

Have you ever wondered why birds can sit on a power line and not be electrocuted? Or why it’s so hard to see the stars when you’re in the city? These mysteries (and many more) are explored in the latest book from the Be a Nature Detective series. The author is great at naming the questions we’ve always wondered about and answering them in an interesting and comprehensible way. Once you’ve read one it’s hard not to pick up the others to learn all of their fascinating facts!


5. Buried Secrets in Louisbourg by Jo Ann Yhard

Here’s an interesting question: you’re trying to find some jewels that would, by rights, belong to your family. These jewels could save your family financially. But, you soon realize your family could be in serious trouble…do you keep going or back off? That’s what Fred has to decide, and the choice isn’t easy. Fortunately he has some friends he can count on to help him. But what happens? You can only read to find out.


6. Sinking Deeper by Steve Vernon

While this is a story about a made up sea monster, it’s no less funny or relatable. We’ve all had our moments where we wanted to change something in our lives, and created a lie to get it. This is what Roland MacTavish does when he doesn’t want to move away from his home in the tiny fishing community of Deeper Harbour to the bustling city of Ottawa. The crazy lengths he goes to to stop this from happening will make you both laugh and shake your head.


7. The Mystery of Ireland’s Eye by Shane Peacock

We love a good mystery and that’s what thirteen-year-old Dylan faces when he goes on a family vacation to the famed Ireland’s Eye. It’s an island off the coast of Newfoundland with a secretive reputation. At first you think Dylan’s mind’s playing tricks on him when he sees ghosts, but after awhile things change from a gripping mystery to a matter of survival. Dylan has to be a hero for his family, or else…


8. Wereduck by Dave Atkinson

What would you do if you expected to turn into a werewolf every month after you turned thirteen and instead you turned into…a duck? You’d be pretty confused, for one thing! This and other funny goings on happen in Wereduck, unfortunately with a weird reporter hanging around trying to sniff out a great news story. While you wouldn’t think so on first glance, the characters and tale are believable, you eventually start to wonder if it’s all true!


9. Chasing the Phantom Ship by Deborah Toogood

We’ve all had some of the best summer vacation adventures with our friends. The best kind are with no adults around and strange, unexplainable things start happening. Matt Simmons has just such an adventure with his cousin and best friends after seeing a glowing ship. He wants it to be the fabled phantom ship of the Northumberland Strait, but be careful what you wish for…you just might get it.


10. Secrets of Sable Island by Marcia Pierce Harding

Storytellers within stories are among the best around, giving you an appreciation for them and where they come from. This is what fourteen-year-old Caleb learns after he gets washed ashore to Sable Island after a freak storm. He’s going to meet these storytellers. Also wild stallions, people with secrets, and a phantom girl who rides the dunes. His journey of self-discovery will keep readers engaged right until the end.


Blog post by Meaghan Steeves