Saskatchewan: Spirit of the Heartland

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ISBN: 9781771083850

Saskatchewan: Spirit of the Heartland

  Photographer :   George Fischer    
  Publisher:  George Fischer

Spirit of the Heartland takes a new approach to telling a historic story—pairing George Fischer’s photographic art with that of seven prominent Saskatchewan painters and sculptors.


According to sculptor Joe Fafard, George Fischer reveals the true nature of a province that is often underestimated and misunderstood—and the experience is transformative. “He recognizes that Saskatchewan is defined by extremes, and pays homage to the history, culture and nature that have shaped us,” he says. “To tell our story, he bravely journeys into precarious places to uncover what’s behind the faces, the farms, the fields.”

Throughout the book, Fischer’s curiosity takes him into the heart of Canada’s Wild West. He follows in the footsteps of warriors and cowboys, explorers and traders, miners and oil barons who carved the routes to modern Saskatchewan. In richly coloured images, he captures the people’s spirited relationship with Nature through farmlands, horses and wheat; dunes, forests and waterways.


George’s artistic eye brings to light what prairie people have always known: that Saskatchewan holds a quiet, yet stunning, allure equal to the most exotic places on Earth. And he digs deep to introduce readers to Mounties and royals and legends. Time well spent.


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ISBN associated with this title: 9781771083850
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PublisherGeorge Fischer
PublisherGeorge Fischer
Published on December 14 2015
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Pages 260
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George Fischer is one of Canada’s most renowned and prolific landscape photographers. He has produced over fifty books and fifty art posters from sites around the world. His work has also appeared on the covers of numerous international magazines and newspapers, and in the promotional publications of tourism agencies around the world. His book Unforgettable Canada was on the Globe and Mail's bestseller list and sold over 75,000 copies. George Fischer resides in Toronto.