Ocean of Storms, Sea of Disaster

Robert C Parsons

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ISBN: 9781895900743

Ocean of Storms, Sea of Disaster

  Author:   Robert C Parsons    
  Publisher:  Pottersfield Press

Here are over sixty stories of piracy, fire, explosions, disappearances, rum running, shipboard mutiny and murder. There are also stories of collisions with whales, icebergs and other ships, as well as wrecks on rocks, islands and sand bars. Vessels, large and small, were struck by lightning, shelled or torpedoed by enemy vessels, crushed by Arctic ice, and even swallowed up whole by unexpected intense gales and hurricanes. These true tales of shipwrecks delve into strange and curious marine disasters. The setting, primarily the northwestern Atlantic Ocean, was the main trading route for passenger steamers and treading schooners plying their way to and from Europe and also the site of the much frequented fishing grounds. It is said to be the “stormiest ocean on earth.” The time range in Ocean of Storms, Sea of Disaster is one hundred years, between the 1850s and the 1950s but the stories themselves are timeless.

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ISBN associated with this title:9781895900743
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PublisherPottersfield Press
PublisherPottersfield Press
Published onNovember 8 2005
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Robert Parsons has been reading, researching and publishing books about Atlantic Canada's ships and wrecks for over two decades. As well, his articles and stories have appeared locally and nationally in Legion Magazine, PEI's Eastern Graphic, Reader's Digest, The Evening Telegram and others. He has appeared on national TV in History Channel's Disasters of the Century and Global TV's Legends and Lore of the North Atlantic. His website features news of writing and a shipwreck column: www.atlanticwrecks.com