Terminus ventre-ville

Alain Raimbault

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ISBN: 9782897503697
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Terminus ventre-ville

  Author:   Alain Raimbault    
  Publisher:  Bouton d’or Acadie

In this collection, the bountiful harvest of an accomplished poet, Alain Raimbault bears witness to the urgency to speak to who we are, at the heart of the city.

In a generous and easily accessible style that deeply moves with its sincerity, this author, adept at haiku and the noir novel, observes everyday actions that seem trivial. Yet, with his precision and sensitivity, these quotidian observations propel the reader into a reflection on geographical space, their relationship to the world, and the relationship between language and reality.

Terminus ventre-ville invites us to visit unusual spaces and delve into the undergrounds of Montreal. From these unusual places—snow-covered parking lots, metro corridors, construction sites, public spaces, buses—emerges a poetic project that contributes to rebuilding our humanity.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9782897503697
Item BA0148
PublisherBouton d’or Acadie
PublisherBouton d'or Acadie
Published on January 30 2024
Language FRE
Pages 124
Format Paperback
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Alain Raimbault was born in Paris in 1966. He lived in Acadie, in Nova Scotia for 13 years, and has lived in Quebec since 2011. He is a teacher by trade and a poet at heart. He has published over twenty books for young people, novels and short stories in the general literature genre. Terminus ventre-ville is his fifth poetry collection. Between teaching and literature, he likes to photograph people and their city, as light is his other favourite form of writing.