Pirates of the North Atlantic

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ISBN: 9781551095134

Pirates of the North Atlantic


Along miles of rugged coastline, in secret bays and hidden inlets, and even in the busiest ports lurk stories of the infamous pirates who visited the North Atlantic in the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries. Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, Peter Easton, and Black Bart all came here in search of plunder, supplies, and sanctuary. From Newfoundland to Boston, from Cape Breton to the Bay of Fundy, the North Atlantic was once teeming with highwaymen of the sea.

In Pirates of the North Atlantic, the most gripping and thrilling of these tales are brought together in vivid detail: the sordid depravity aboard the Saladin; the murderous mystery of the Mary Celeste; and the modern-day treasure hunts on Isle Haute. Master storyteller William Crooker once again captures the imagination of his readers, this time with a thrilling collection of stories about the world’s most notorious pirates, and their connections with the icy waters of the North Atlantic.

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