A Sure Cure for Witchcraft

Laura Best

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ISBN: 9781771089777

A Sure Cure for Witchcraft

  Author:   Laura Best    
  Publisher:  Nimbus Publishing Limited

A spellbinding, action-packed middle-grade novel about girls who must fight for their friendship across time using witchcraft, healing, and magic – set in the wonderful forests of Germany’s 19th Century Kingdom of Wurrtemberg and present-day Nova Scotia.

Witches are hated in W├╝rttemberg, in what is now Germany, in the eighteenth century. It’s not so long since they were burned, and any woman who knows too much, who’s too clever or quick or skilled at healing, is suspect.

Young Lilli knows this, and yet she also knows that the wise woman she’s learning from, Alisz, isn’t evil. She is teaching Lilli which plants cure a fever, which help a cough, which speed a difficult labour. She only wants to help people, and so does Lilli. But Lilli’s father hates any sign of witchcraft and is furious at their connection. When Lilli is just thirteen, he surprises the family with news: they are moving to the New World. Alisz and Lilli pledge to be soul friends, inseparable by ocean or years and across time, in present-day Nova Scotia, Lilly and Alice are making their own way towards each other.

Lilli’s learning and plight in the 1700s take front an centre in this multi-century story of healing, friendship, and the bravery it can take to be a woman who follows her own heart.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781771089777
Item NB1530
PublisherNimbus Publishing Limited
PublisherNimbus Publishing Limited
Published on August 31 2021
Language eng
Pages 208
Format Paperback
Dimensions7.75(in) x 5.25(in)
Shipping weight228(g)
Laura Best has had over forty short stories published in literary magazines and anthologies. Her first young adult novel, Bitter, Sweet, was shortlisted for the Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People and made the Best Books for Kids and Teens 2011 list. She lives in East Dalhousie, Nova Scotia, with her husband, Brian. Visit lauraabest.wordpress.com.

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