Fraser Mooney Jr.

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  Author:   Fraser Mooney Jr.    
  Publisher:  Nimbus Publishing

For many Nova Scotians the name Jerome is synonymous with Maritime mystery, much like Oak Island, the Marie Celeste, or the Shag Harbour UFO crash. Jerome was the name given to the nearly dead, legless stranger who washed up on a Digby Neck beach in 1863. During the next fifty years, Jerome spoke only a few words and never revealed his identity.
Author Fraser Mooney Jr. embarked on a ten-year investigation to find the remarkable truth about Jerome. Using newspaper articles, historic documents, and interviews, Mooney explores and dispels the myths that have long been associated with Jerome and provides amazing detail about his life on Digby Neck. He takes us through Jerome’s life-from his appearance on the beach, through the time he spent living with a number of families in the region, to his death. Most importantly, Mooney discovers the truth behind the identity of the anonymous, mutilated man who took his secret to the grave. Including photos of Jerome, the beach where he was discovered, and those who knew him, Jerome is an incredibly well researched, intriguing book that will appeal to readers who enjoy Maritime mysteries and historical non-fiction.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781551096865
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PublisherNimbus Publishing
Published on October 1 2008
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Fraser Mooney Jr. is a journalist as well as a communications professional, accomplished public speaker, and award-winning cartoonist. A graduate of Saint Mary's University as well as Ryerson University's journalism program, Mooney has contributed stories and cartoons to various newspapers. He lives in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.