Imagining Anne

Elizabeth Rollins Epperly

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ISBN: 9781771087704

Imagining Anne

L. M. Montgomery's Island Scrapbooks

  Author:   Elizabeth Rollins Epperly    
  Publisher:  Nimbus Publishing Limited

L. M. Montgomery’s beautiful Island scrapbooks, covering a period from 1893 to mid-1910, are finally back in print. Reflecting Montgomery’s youth and optimism, these full-colour pages are filled with meaningful insight into the life of a young writer’s inspiration during the period when she would create the beloved character of Anne Shirley, who would win the hearts of readers worldwide with the publication of Anne of Green Gables in 1908.

With annotations and notes from Montgomery scholar Elizabeth Epperly, Imagining Anne allows fans a revealing look inside the mind of one of the most cherished writers of the twentieth century.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781771087704
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PublisherNimbus Publishing Limited
PublisherNImbus Publishing Limited
Published on July 17 2019
Language eng
Pages 176
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Elizabeth Rollins Epperly, professor emerita of English, first female president of the University of Prince Edward Island, founder of the L.M. Montgomery Institute at UPEI, grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, listening with her sister to their father reading L.M. Montgomery's novels. Fascinated by the Island, she became the first student to register at the newly amalgamated UPEI. Now a Canadian, Epperly has published books on Montgomery's writing, photography, and scrapbooks. Summer in the Land of Anne is her first children's book. Visit her website at

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