George Orwell’s Friend

Paul Potts

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ISBN: 9781895415032

George Orwell’s Friend

  Author:   Paul Potts    
  Editor :   Ron Caplan  
  Publisher:  Breton Books

Born in British Columbia, Paul Potts (1911-1990) lived most of his life based in London’s Soho district, a friend and confidant of many ultimately famous writers. His circle included Dylan Thomas and T. S. Eliot, Elizabeth Smart and Sean O’Casey–and of course George Orwell, a constant friend. George Orwell’s Friend includes autobiography and poetry, an intimate portrait of George Orwell, and the classic anguished memoir of love and vulnerability?elements that rarely find words, and even more rarely find the words of a man. Along with Potts’ intimate essay about George Orwell, ‘Don Quixote on a Bicycle,’ editor Ronald Caplan reclaims the thoughtful work of a passionate, unusual Canadian.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781895415032
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PublisherBreton Books
PublisherBreton Books
Published on January 1 2007
Language eng
Pages 96
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Ronald Caplan has served as interviewer and photographer for Cape Breton's Magazine for twenty-five years. He has received the Barbeau Award of the Folklore Studies Association of Canada, Nova Scotia's Cultural Life Award, the Canadian Historical Association's Award for exemplary contribution to the Oral History of Cape Breton and an honorary doctorate from Cape Breton University. His work is best known for keeping the Cape Breton story alive through oral testimony and images. Living at Wreck Cove on the Cabot Trail, Caplan is the author of several books and the publisher of Breton Books.