Women, War & Hypocrites

Robert A.Campbell

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ISBN: 9781897009536

Women, War & Hypocrites

  Author:   Robert A.Campbell    
  Publisher:  Cape Breton University Press

In this book, Robert Campbell expands the journey begun in his earlier book, Reading the Qur’an in English (2009), through his analysis of the thematic structure id fourth surah (The Women), a large and complex surah containing some of the most controversial verses and ideas in the Qur’an. The key issues addressed are women (on marriage, lewdness, wife beating and hijab), war (on killing, battle, jihad and terrorism0 and hypocrites (on believers, the People of the Book, idolatry, intoxication and the crucifixion of Jesus).

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781897009536
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PublisherCape Breton University Press
PublisherCape Breton University Press
Published on February 23 2011
Language eng
Pages 234
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Robert A. Campbell, PhD, teaches leadership in the MBA program at Cape Breton University. He has taught and lectured on various aspects of management, religion and sociology in university classrooms as well as in public settings. His published articles appear in such journals such as the Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology, Journal of Management Inquiry, Organization and Environment and The Leadership Quarterly. His interest in the foundations of leadership in Islam, resulted in two books on the subject of the Qur’an: Reading the Qur’an in English, An Introductory Guide and Women, War & Hypocrites: Studying the Qur’an, both from CBU Press.