Histoire de Galet

Marie Cadieux

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ISBN: 9782897500405

Histoire de Galet

  Author:   Marie Cadieux  
  Artist :   François Dimberton    
  Publisher:  Bouton d’or Acadie

Martin is a teenager living in Dieppe. War rages on, and his country, France, is under Nazi occupation. Cohabitation is tough, and living conditions are poor. While living with Mrs. Agnes, a resourceful old lady, Martin is unwillingly dragged into the horrible conflict of the Second World War and makes a life-changing discovery…

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ISBN associated with this title: 9782897500405
Item BA0047
PublisherBouton d’or Acadie
PublisherBouton d'or Acadie
Published on November 15 2016
Language fre
Pages 72
Format Paperback
Dimensions8.75(in) x 6(in)
Shipping weight198(g)