Petit Pico

Fabien Melanson

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ISBN: 9782897502362

Petit Pico

  Author:   Fabien Melanson  
  Artist :   Nathasha Pilotte    
  Publisher:  Bouton d’or Acadie

On a sunny day, Little Peeper breaks out of his shell. The baby chick is barely born that already he goes looking for his father. Little Peeper asks the cow, the llama, the horse… Peep-peep, who could possibly be his dad? When finally they find each other, Little Peeper learns to cock-a-doodle-doo, and do it well too!

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ISBN associated with this title: 9782897502362
Item BA0102
PublisherBouton d’or Acadie
PublisherBouton d'or Acadie
Published on February 5 2021
Language fre
Pages 24
Format Paperback
Dimensions9(in) x 9(in)
Shipping weight0(g)
Originally from Moncton, NB, Fabien Melanson lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia and works in television, public relations, radio and theater industries. In 2015, he founded Les Productions du 4e Mur in order to produce and direct his first documentary called En Français S.V.P. He now dedicates himself to his own television and film productions. Petit Pico is his first picture book.

Nathasha Pilotte is a self taught artist. Born in 1989 in Quebec City, she is now a long term resident of Saint John, New Brunswick where she practised nursing before devoting herself fully to creative pursuits. She likes to paint in watercolour and acrylics, taking her inspiration from daily life to create a colourful imaginative world. Her creation is carefully supervised by her cats Zim and Luha.