Hare B&B

Bill Richardson

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ISBN: 9781927917381

Hare B&B

  Author:   Bill Richardson  
  Artist :   Bill Pechet    
  Publisher:  Running the Goat

After her parents are duped by a coyote who is a master of disguise, Harriet (“Harry” for short) and her seven younger siblings are left to fend for themselves. Their only resource is their parents’ now-empty bedroom, so Harry and her brothers and sisters open a “hare bed and breakfast.” It is a great success. Then, the coyote comes calling again, and learns that revenge is a dish best served as breakfast.

Award-winning author Bill Richardson and acclaimed artist Bill Pechet join forces in this charming and hilarious tale about self-reliant young hares and a coyote who gets her comeuppance.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781927917381
Item RG0036
PublisherRunning the Goat
PublisherRunning the Goat
Published on April 27 2021
Language eng
Pages 64
Format Hardcover
Dimensions7.5(in) x 8(in)
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A former radio/television presenter, Bill Richardson writes for children and adults. His books include Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast, Waiting for Gertrude, After Hamelin, and The Alphabet Thief. Awards include Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour, the Silver Birch Award, a B.C. Book Award, a Manitoba Book Award, and Outstanding Bandsman (Golden Gate Junior High School, 1969). He lives in Vancouver.

Bill Pechet is an artist and designer whose work explores the spaces between art, architecture, public space, and landscape. His Vancouver studio has created cemeteries, memorials, public art, plazas, lighting, street furnishings, exhibitions, stage sets, and houses. In 2006, under the banner of Pechet and Robb Art and Architecture, Bill and his partner represented Canada at the Venice Biennale of Architecture. He has illustrated several books, including Waiting for Gertrude and The Lady From Kent. He lives in Vancouver.