Charly et Crochet

Hélène Ferrer

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ISBN: 9782897503574

Charly et Crochet

  Author:   Hélène Ferrer  
  Artist :   Nathasha Pilotte    
  Publisher:  Bouton d’or Acadie

The death of his father has really affected Charly. The young boy from the Magdalen Islands, often alone, likes to explore the islands on his bike, stopping at the tops of hills to draw while watching the fishing boats return. One day, on the dock, Charly thinks he’s going crazy: he hears a voice in his head! Is it really that big lobster with the crooked claw who’s talking to him?

Against all expectations, Charly and Crochet the lobster develop a precious and surprising friendship. So, when the time comes to take action to help Crochet, Charly doesn’t hesitate for a second! Especially since a mysterious and daring cyclist could also be part of the adventure!

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ISBN associated with this title: 9782897503574
Item BA0143
PublisherBouton d’or Acadie
PublisherBouton d'or Acadie
Published on October 17 2023
Language FRE
Pages 136
Format Paperback
Dimensions7.75(in) x 5.5(in)
Shipping weight0(g)

Hélène Ferrer was born in South-West France and has lived in Québec for a long time. She has been a physical education teacher, a primary teacher, and the course manager at UQAM. Argentinian tango is her latest passion, and writing, her most recent baby. She is the author of a novel, Le destin de Pustule et Crystalline, and co-author of Amos Daragon. Trousse didactique : Matériel pédagogique.

Nathasha Pilotte is a self taught artist. Born in 1989 in Quebec City, she is now a long term resident of Saint John, New Brunswick where she practised nursing before devoting herself fully to creative pursuits. She likes to paint in watercolour and acrylics, taking her inspiration from daily life to create a colourful imaginative world. Her creation is carefully supervised by her cats Zim and Luha.