Frank Harold (F.H.) MacArthur

Frank Harold (F.H.) MacArthur (1886-1981) was a writer from Cornwall, Queens County, Prince Edward Island.

Marlene Stanton

Marlene Stanton was born in London, England and came to Canada at the age of three. In Ottawa, where she grew up, she decided to study journalism at Carleton University. It meant leaving the Ottawa Ballet Company, where she had been a soloist. In Vancouver, she was associate editor and features writer for a performing […]

Lori Joy Smith

As a young girl Lori Joy Smith’s weekly trips to the children’s library with her father sparked her love of reading and children’s books. As a teenager she lived in Italy and visited some of the most beautiful museums in Europe, which left her wanting nothing more than to make art. Now she gets to […]

Reginald “Dutch” Thompson

Reginald “Dutch” Thompson has worked in film theatre television and radio but his true love is collecting stories and memories from the bygone days in the Maritimes. His 900 recorded hours of oral history and folklore led to a 27 year and counting column on CBC radio and numerous heritage awards. He lives in a […]

Robert Mercer

Robert Mercer was born visually impaired and for nine years, he attended the School for the Blind in Halifax. Upon graduation and a Bachelor’s Degree from St. Mary’s University, he joined the staff of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB). At the age of thirty, he was appointed National President and CEO for […]

Catherine Edward

Catherine Edward’s memoir The Brow of Dawn~One Woman’s Journey with MS was shortlisted for Best Atlantic Published Book in 2005; winner of the first PEI Book Award 2006. An American version was published Bunin&Bannigan, New York, NY and in 2008 was excerpted in the Canadian anthology Northern Lights, Wiley Press, ed. B Rempel-Burkholder and D. […]

Sandra Dodge

Sandra L. Dodge grew up in New England. She earned a Diploma in Art and a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of New Hampshire. She also has a Master’s degree in Mental Health Councilling from New England College. She taught for many years before becoming licensed as a children’s therapist. Now […]

Angela Doucette

Angela Doucette graduated from Dalhousie College of Pharmacy in 1992. Her main area of practice has been hospital pharmacy, but she has also worked in Community and Long Term Care. After battling her own weight issues for many years, and losing her father to heart disease at the age of 58, Angela developed a special […]

Gordon Fader

Gordon Fader is a professional Marine Geologist registered in Nova Scotia, and former Emeritus Scientist at the Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic), at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography. President of Atlantic Marine Geological Consulting, Gordon was responsible for mapping and research on the surficial sediments and shallow bedrock geology of the southeast Canadian Continental Shelf, […]

Joy A. Steele