Wake of the Aspy

Stewart Donovan

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ISBN: 9781926908168

Wake of the Aspy

A Novel of Northern Cape Breton

  Author:   Stewart Donovan    
  Publisher:  Breton Books

Teeming with life and remembrance, Wake of the Aspy is a novel of family, passion, and the beauty of memory’s heart.The coastal steamer Aspy connected northern Cape Breton to the world. It was a lifeline, an escape route, and a threat to the old ways. Rooted in a woman’s hard-won independence, Stewart Donovan’s terrific, often hilarious storytelling—the sounds and rhythm and acid wit of daily life—faces with vitality the local life and its encounters with government and a tourism future. Despite expropriations, war, cutbacks and social injustice aimed at driving them out, these are survivors you still might be lucky enough to meet Down North.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781926908168
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PublisherBreton Books
PublisherBreton Books
Published on April 23 2013
Language eng
Pages 176
Format Paperback
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