The Bridge Effect

Dr. Laurie Brinklow, Andrew Jennings,

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The Bridge Effect

Critical Reflections in the Age of Technological Solutionism

  Author:   Dr. Laurie Brinklow, Andrew Jennings,  
  Publisher:  Island Studies Press

The Bridge Effect features bridged islands — both physical and metaphorical — from around the globe. Bridging an island is often a polarizing subject. A permanent link allows for the transport of people and goods on- and off-island and can even allow an island to remain a viable place to live. At the same time, it changes the character of an island as bounded and set apart from the mainland. Not all bridges are physical. In recent years, access to broadband is allowing islanders to be part of the global world but still make a living on their islands. From the economic effects resulting from these links to how islanders feel about themselves once they’ve been joined to a mainland or another island, the book explores if and how “islandness” — and, ultimately, island identity — has changed on these small islands.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781988692708
Item MC0308
PublisherIsland Studies Press
PublisherIsland Studies Press
Published on November 30 2023
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Dr. Laurie Brinklow a writer, editor, Assistant Professor and the Coordinator of the Master of Arts in Island Studies (MAIS) program at the University of Prince Edward Island. Her research focuses on islandness and island identity, including the power of place and story. She is the author of My island's the house I sleep in at night and Here for the Music.

Andrew Jennings is based in Lerwick, Shetland's capital. Living in Scotland's most northerly islands, with their Nordic cultural inheritance, inspires his research and his teaching. He is the programme leader on the MLitt Viking Studies, Island Studies, Orkney and Shetland Studies and Highlands and Islands Literature.