Money : The Canadian Story

Ryan Van Horne

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ISBN: 9781772761375

Money : The Canadian Story

  Author:   Ryan Van Horne    
  Publisher:  MacIntyre Purcell Publishing

Money: The Canadian Story will tell you everything you want to know about money, but were just too darn timid to ask. From how big is the middle class to the one percenters to the average CEO salary to exactly how much does the public sector cost, it is all here.

Where are Canadians working and what are the highest paid professions. What is Sidney Crosby’s hourly rate? From gold plated pensions to what prime minister has added the most to the national debt to the gender pay gap, there is no more complete book about money in Canada. We let the numbers do the talking.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781772761375
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PublisherMacIntyre Purcell Publishing
Published on September 30 2019
Language eng
Pages 184
Format Paperback
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Ryan Van Horne is a writer and editor with 25 years' experience as a journalist, working in radio, television and on-line. His work has appeared in publications from coast-to-coast since he began his career as a reporter in Montreal in 1987. The Ontario native has made Halifax his home for more than 30 years.