Land and Sea

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ISBN: 9780919107243

Land and Sea

Environmental History In Atlantic Canada

  Editor :   Claire Campbell, Robert Summerby-Murray,
  Publisher:  Acadiensis Press

An original exploration of the relationship between people and the environment in Atlantic Canada, from the native-settler interactions of the 17th century to the presentday challenges of resource depletion and economic renewal. Major themes focus on how people have explained and understood the natural world, what we have learned from experiments in conservation and management, and how we have responded to environmental crisis and change. This wide-ranging collection features contributors from all four provinces and beyond, and is edited and introduced by Claire Campbell and Robert Summerby-Murray of Dalhousie University. The final chapter is an eloquent survey of the region’s environmental history by the distinguished historical geographer Graeme Wynn, University of British Columbia.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9780919107243
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PublisherAcadiensis Press
Published on February 25 2013
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