Jack and the Green Man

Andy Jones

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ISBN: 9781927917060

Jack and the Green Man

  Author:   Andy Jones  
  Artist :   Darka Erdelji    
  Publisher:  Running the Goat

Jack o’ Hearts is the top card player in the parish, and is feeling pretty sure of himself. When a mysterious green stranger challenges him to a card game with higher than high stakes — well, Jack can’t resist. Sure, he’s never lost a tournament yet, has he?Jack is as saucy as saucy can be, and he’s twice as lucky as that — but the game is trickier than it looks. Luckily, Jack finds he’s got an ace up his sleeve: the menacing green man’s beautiful daughter Ann. She’s got as much magic as her father (or so that enchantment crowd says), and she likes the look of Jack. This hilarious re-imagining of a traditional Newfoundland folktale is jam-packed with magic, romance, transformations, impossible tasks, unforgettable characters, a country song or two, and the ever-present threat of Jack’s head ending up on a spear.A brilliant blending of folklore, high literature, and pop culture, Jack and the Green Man is Andy Jones and Darka Erdelji’s most ambitious and most riotous Jack tale yet. Divided into 12 short chapters, this long-form, gorgeously illustrated storybook will delight readers and listeners of all ages.

Details and Specs
ISBN associated with this title: 9781927917060
Item RG0008
PublisherRunning the Goat
PublisherRunning the Goat
Published on December 31 2016
Language ENG
Pages 80
Format Paperback
Dimensions9(in) x 9(in)
Shipping weight346(g)
An actor, writer, storyteller, and director, Andy Jones was born and raised in St. John's, NL, where he continues to live and work. Once a member of the acclaimed NL comedy troupe CODCO, he has had a long and accomplished career in theatre, film, and television. He is the co-adaptor of award-winning folktale Peg Bearskin, and the author of an acclaimed series of Jack tales (illustrated by Darka Erdelji). In 2019 he was named to the Order of Canada in recognition of his contributions to the culture of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Award Winners & Nominees

BMO Winterset Award

Winner Bruneau Family Award for Children's Literature