Evidence from the Earth

Ray Murray

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ISBN: 9780878425778

Evidence from the Earth

Forensic Geology and Criminal Investigation

  Author:   Ray Murray    
  Publisher:  Mountain Press Publishing

Everyone who watches the latest episodes of CSI, NCIS, Bones, and similar TV shows knows that scientists help solve crimes. Now, a new edition of Evidence from the Earth: Forensic Geology and Criminal Investigation, the primer on gathering geologic evidence has been released. This guide to forensic geology is called “intriguing, informative, and eminently readable,” by well-known mystery writer, Sarah Andrews. And, according to Richard Saferstein, PhD, and author of Criminalistics: An Introduction to Forensic Science, “This book is required one-stop reading for anyone seeking authoritative insights into the fascinating world of criminal investigations and soil science.”

Filled with information on how forensic geology is conducted and verbally illustrated with colorful details on real criminal cases, Evidence from the Earth entertains the reader while revealing the secrets of the discipline. From cases of purloined palm trees to tales of kidnapping and murder, author Ray Murray leads readers through some of the most fascinating investigations involving soil and rock evidence. Along the way readers will learn about the history of forensic geology; how geologic evidence can place a suspect at the scene of a crime; techniques used to detect mine, gem, and art fraud; specialized equipment for geoforensic investigations; and how geologic evidence is used in court.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9780878425778
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PublisherMountain Press Publishing
PublisherMountain Press Publishing
Published on June 6 2016
Language eng
Pages 240
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Raymond C. Murray’s interest in forensic geology began with a chance encounter with an agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms while at Rutgers University. This encounter led to the publication of two books on the subject and a career in the field that includes speaking, writing, and encouraging others to recognize the value of geologic evidence. He has worked with, and lectured at, government and private crime laboratories around the world. Murray lives with his wife, Maureen Fleming, in Missoula, Montana.