Cammie Takes Flight

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Cammie Takes Flight


Eleven-year-old Cammie Turple grew up with more obstacles than most. Visually impaired and abandoned by her parents, she was raised by her tenacious, bootlegging aunt in rural Tanner, Nova Scotia. After Cammie and her best friend, Evelyn Merry, destroy the local moonshine still, forcing Evelyn’s abusive, alcoholic father to sober up but nearly killing Evelyn in the process, Cammie convinces her aunt to send her to the Halifax School for the Blind.

The anticipated follow-up to Flying with a Broken Wing, Cammie Takes Flight finds Cammie navigating life at her new school, armed with an envelope with her estranged mother’s address on it. Unsure if she can trust her new friend, Nessa, Cammie enlists her help in tracking to help track her mother down. Will Cammie finally learn why she was abandoned and be able to start her new life? Or will she find too many secrets to count, and realize that she might never put the past behind her?

A heartfelt coming-of-age story, Cammie Takes Flight explores the values of perseverance, unlikely friendships, and what it means to be a family.

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ISBN associated with this title:9781771084673
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Published onApril 12 2017
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Though Cammie's story takes place over sixty years ago in a specific setting, many young people today are growing up with harmful relatives and may take courage from Cammie's persistence to make something of her life. Young people of today cannot help but contrast the plight of single mothers of yesteryear with their circumstances today. Best's characters are fallible human beings like those many of us encounter in life.

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