By The Sweat of My Brow

John Kitchen

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ISBN: 9780973776904

By The Sweat of My Brow

The Life of a Newfoundland Logger

  Author:   John Kitchen    
  Publisher:  John Kitchen

This is the story of a young outport Newfoundlander who went into the lumberwoods at an early age to harvest trees to feed the paper mill at Grand Falls. It tells of his experiences at various phases of wood’s work: cutting trees, transporting them to the waterways, driving them to the mill, cooking meals, building dams, teaming horses, driving tractors, trucks, and other wood’s machinery.

It tells of lumbermen’s living and working conditions-the hard-ships of working in all weathers, enduring heat, rain, snow, frost and flies. The camaraderie of camp life, the food served, the bunkhouse and beds they had to sleep on, the lice, the smells, and the changes brought about by the I.W.A strike.

It chronicles the history of the log harvest of the Paper Company’s Millertown Division, from the start-up in the first decade of the 1900’s to the present.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9780973776904
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PublisherJohn Kitchen
PublisherJohn Kitchen
Published on January 1 2005
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