Abandoned Kentucky

Sherman Cahal, Adam Paris, Michael Maes,

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ISBN: 9781772761719

Abandoned Kentucky

  Author:   Sherman Cahal, Adam Paris, Michael Maes,  
  Publisher:  MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc.

Abandoned Kentucky began in 2014 as a Facebook group to share the rich history about the old, forgotten, and abandoned things and places in Kentucky. The Abandoned Kentucky group is now the largest Kentucky history group on Facebook with more than 385,000 members sharing pictures and information about Kentucky?s colorful past.

The stunning images found in Abandoned Kentucky offer a window into our past, showing life as it was then, and stirring in us the emotions of wonder and curiosity about those who have gone before us and the lives they lived.

Kentucky is in the blood of these three photographs, and you might say Abandoned Kentucky is their love letter to the state. Where others may see only decay and rot in these long-forgotten locations, Sherman Cahal, Adam Paris and Michael Maes see exquisite beauty. This is the book they were meant to do.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781772761719
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PublisherMacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc.
PublisherMacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc.
Published on September 1 2022
Language eng
Pages 128
Format Hardcover
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Sherman Cahal, born and raised in Raceland, is a photographer and historian who specializes in documenting Appalachian architecture and culture.

Adam Paris is a historian and architectural photographer from Owensboro, KY. Adam?s enthusiasm for local and family history has cultivated a passion for preserving history through photography.

Michael Maes is an artist and photographer born and raised in Wyoming and Colorado. He began photography in 2013 after getting sober and found fascination in Kentucky?s abandoned homes. He currently lives in Louisville Kentucky with his wife and son.