What’s in a Name

John McDonald, Marion Fearing,

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ISBN: 9781944762780

What’s in a Name

The Story Behind Every Town Name in Maine

  Author:   John McDonald, Marion Fearing,  
  Publisher:  Islandport Press

From Fryeburg to Frenchboro, Caribou to Kittery, Portland to Passadumkeag, Maine towns often have fascinating stories about why and how they got their names. Why did a local reverend disregard the will of residents and choose the name Bangor instead of Sunbury? What town was named after a random place in Italy? What town was named after a famous nineteenth-century British poet? What’s in a Name? reveals all and describes how every town, city, and plantation in Maine got its name and includes some stories and tidbits for good measure. What’s in a Name? delivers wonderful insight, fun facts, and some little-known history about the Pine Tree State

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781944762780
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PublisherIslandport Press
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John McDonald, now regarded as a dean of Maine storytelling, got his start as a performer playing at local Downeast Maine events in the 1970s before catching his first big break when he was asked to perform on stage with the legendary Marshall Dodge and Kendall Morse at Ellsworth's Strand Theater in 1980. In the years since that event, McDonald has performed for audiences across New England, released two audio recordings, and written three books with Islandport Press. In the 1980s, he moved to Portland to work at the Portland Press Herald and eventually as talk show host on WGAN.

Marion Fearing, a graduate of Wheaton College, is the manager of Sherman's Bookstore in Portland.