Tonic for the Woman’s Soul

Lisa Young, Ron Young,

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ISBN: 9781895109184

Tonic for the Woman’s Soul

  Author:   Lisa Young, Ron Young,  
  Publisher:  Downhomer

Tonic for the Woman’s Soul is the third in Downhome’s Household Almanac and Cookbook series, the previous two making the Canadian best-seller list.

What’s new in Tonic for the Woman’s Soul

  • Understanding Me – Create your own autobiography by simply filling in the blanks—a record of a woman’s life for herself or for those with whom she wishes to share.
  • Life, Love & Laughter – Short stories, jokes, biographies, poetry, facts and much more, all pertaining to women from Newfoundland and Labrador and throughout the world. After all, the best recipe for happiness is to “live, love and laugh.”
  • Recipes – More than 250 recipes contributed by Downhomer readers around the world. Included are Diet and Diabetic recipes with delicious choices for those of us who have to watch a little closer what we eat.
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ISBN associated with this title: 9781895109184
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Published on May 1 2004
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Pages 477
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