The Little Tree by the Sea

John DeMont

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ISBN: 9781772760699

The Little Tree by the Sea

From Halifax to Boston With Love

  Author:   John DeMont  
  Artist :   Belle DeMont    
  Publisher:  MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc.

On December 6, 1917, two tramp steamers, the Mont-Blanc and the Imo, collided in wartime Halifax Harbour. Steel grating on steel caused sparks to fly creating what became the largest man-made explosion of its time.

More than 2000 people died (500 of those children) and 9,000 were injured. It left 6,000 people homeless and an additional 19,000 without adequate shelter. The blast destroyed or damaged 6630 buildings.

One of the most generous responses came from Boston and the state of Massachusetts. Within 48 hours it organized trains to carry 33 doctors, 79 nurses, and six representatives of relief agencies. In honour of this act of compassion and generosity, every year the province of Nova Scotia sends the City of Boston one of its most beautiful trees. The tree lighting usually takes place in November on the Boston Common. Traditionally, the Nova Scotia tree is always the first tree lit on the Common.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781772760699
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PublisherMacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc.
PublisherMacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc.
Published on July 25 2017
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Pages 32
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John DeMont is the best-selling and award-winning author of Citizens Irving: The Irvings of New Brunswick and The Last Best Place: Lost in the Heart of Nova Scotia. He has written for many publications, including the Financial Times, Canadian Geographic, The Walrus, and Maclean's, where he was Atlantic bureau chief for ten years.

Belle DeMont is John's daughter. Her love of visual story telling brought her to NSCAD where she developed into a very special talent. She continues to live and work in her hometown, Halifax. Although The Little Tree By the Sea is Belle's first book, it singles the emergence of a major young talent on the provincial art scene.