The Golden Boy

Grant Matheson

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ISBN: 9781927502952

The Golden Boy

A Doctor's Journey with Addiction

  Author:   Grant Matheson    
  Publisher:  Acorn Press

Before opioids destroyed Grant Matheson’s career, he was a pillar of his community. Respected physician, loving husband, devoted father, and trusted friend. Grant was a straight-laced kid who grew up to be a clean-living adult. No drinking, no smoking, and certainly no drugs. It took everyone by surprise, most of all himself, when he became addicted to narcotics in his 30s. His story hit local press when he was found guilty of professional misconduct related to his addiction, including over-prescribing painkillers to patients so he could buy them back–an infraction that caused his physician license to be suspended.

Matheson’s memoir is a gritty account of his narcotic addiction and all that it cost him: various relationships, his career, and almost his life. The Golden Boy takes the reader from the very first day of Matheson’s drug addiction to that moment when he decided to rebuild his life through rehab and recovery.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781927502952
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PublisherAcorn Press
PublisherAcorn Press
Published on November 7 2017
Language eng
Pages 200
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Grant Matheson is the son of a Presbyterian minister, a devoted father of three, a non-practicing physician, and a drug addict in recovery. Grant has not taken opioids since 2005, but the stigma of his addiction follows him closely in his small home province of Prince Edward Island. He hopes his story will help both those struggling with addiction and those who love someone battling the disease.

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"Matheson finds his voice as he takes us with him and helps us to understand that he's just a regular guy trying hard to pick up the pieces of his shattered life." —The Walleye Magazine (Thunder Bay, ON)