Spirited Away

Tom Dawe

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ISBN: 9781927917220

Spirited Away

Fairy Stories of old Newfoundland

  Author:   Tom Dawe  
  Artist :   Veselina Tomova    
  Publisher:  Running the Goat

A young school teacher learns about strange lights in a foreboding marsh; a nurse in a remote outport visits the baby she delivered weeks before to find a devastating change; a woman meets a mysterious funeral procession late one evening; a musician falls thrall to a group of strange little people and can’t stop playing. The pages of Spirited Away are populated by the fairy-led, by changelings, by people who stray onto fairy turf and experience unnerving events.

These literary renderings of stories and anecdotes that author Tom Dawe has collected from across Newfoundland offer an accessible and engaging introduction to one of the Newfoundland and Labrador’s most powerful and peculiar folk traditions. Darkly poetic woodcut illustrations by Veselina Tomova plumb the fascinating heart of these strange and affecting tales.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781927917220
Item RG0023
PublisherRunning the Goat
PublisherRunning the Goat
Published on April 30 2019
Language eng
Pages 60
Format Paperback
Dimensions11(in) x 8(in)
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Tom Dawe is an award-winning poet, as well as a painter, editor, and educator, who lives in Conception Bay South, NL. He is always on the lookout for good ghost stories and bits of folklore; several of the stories he has collected are adapted in An Old Man?s Winter Night and Spirited Away: Fairy stories of old Newfoundland. He is a member of the Order of Canada, and the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Veselina Tomova graduated from Leipzig's School of Graphic Art and Book Design before moving to Newfoundland. She has illustrated books in Germany, Bulgaria and Canada. She divides her time between St. John's, Newfoundland, where she lives in a small house overlooking the harbour, and Rusalya, Bulgaria, where she tends her family?s vegetable garden and enjoys the antics of Bucky the dog and Ginger the cat.