Sharks & Rays of the Pacific Coast -Folding Guide

Val Kells

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ISBN: 9781621261773

Sharks & Rays of the Pacific Coast -Folding Guide

  Author:   Val Kells    
  Publisher:  Earth, Sky + Water

This FoldingGuide™ includes 35 species of sharks and 25 species of electric rays, stingrays, skates and sawfishes found along the Pacific coast from Oregon up through British Columbia. Includes both near and offshore species. Includes detailed illustrations, descriptions, typical length and weight.

Details and Specs
ISBN associated with this title: 9781621261773
Item SRW177
PublisherEarth, Sky + Water
PublisherEarth, Sky + Water
Published on July 1 2016
Language eng
Pages 10
Format Folding Guides
Dimensions9(in) x 4(in)
Shipping weight60(g)
Val Kells, is the award-winning illustrator of many filed guides including the forthcoming Field Guide to Pacific Coast Fishes (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2016) from which the illustrations in this guide are taken.