Senior Management

Martha Vowles

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Senior Management

Parenting My Parents

  Author:   Martha Vowles    
  Publisher:  Nevermore Press

In a memoir told with grace, poignancy and humour, the author chronicles her years of managing the care of her elderly parents as together they slipped into dementia?from a chaotic Christmas, to an addled father who insists on driving, to calls to the police, to trips to the hospital, to a high-priced care facility that lost track of her stepmother. At age 55, author Martha Vowles became a first-time parent. Her new charges were reckless, accident-prone, pig-headed, over 80 years old and bigger than her.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781777554903
Item NVR003
PublisherNevermore Press
PublisherNevermore Press
Published on April 1 2021
Language eng
Pages 224
Format Paperback
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2022 WFNB Nonfiction New Brunswick Book Award