Remembrance Road

Justine MacDonald

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ISBN: 9780986873393

Remembrance Road

A Canadian photographer's journey through European battlefields

  Author:   Justine MacDonald    
  Publisher:  SSP Publications

Nova Scotian photographer Justine MacDonald’s poignant impressions from her 2001 and 2017 tours of western European battlefields are indelible reminders of the horror and utter futility of war. While they inform and memorialize, they do not take sides. One cannot read this book and not be profoundly moved.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9780986873393
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PublisherSSP Publications
PublisherSSP Publications
Published on November 6 2018
Language eng
Pages 156
Format Paperback
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Justine MacDonald is a travel photographer and blogger based in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. She loves exploring history, and the world in general, through the lens of her camera. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and love of photography with others — to inspire them to see the world in a new light — through introductory workshops, one-on-one tutorials, photo walks and travel presentations. She is the official photographer for Broken Leg Theatre (a variety show produced in Wolfville, N.S. three times a year) and sells her work through online shops and subscriptions. An award-winning photographer, she has participated in several group and solo exhibitions. You can find her work online at