Prince Henry Sinclair

Frederick J. Pohl

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Prince Henry Sinclair

  Author:   Frederick J. Pohl    
  Publisher:  Nimbus Publishing

It is one of the anomalies of human history that despite our passion for knowledge, we are still in doubt as to who actually “discovered” the North American continent. According to author/historian Fredrick J. Pohl, the glory should go to none other than Prince Henry Sinclair, Earl of Orkney, who set off on a voyage of discovery for “a very great country” and dropped anchor in Guysborough Harbour, Nova Scotia, on June 2, 1398 almost a century before Columbus’s and Cabot’s Historic voyages.

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PublisherNimbus Publishing
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Pohl’s main source of information and inspiration was Zeno Narrative, a collection of dispatches written by Sinclair’s tireless chronicler Antonio Zeno who accompanied “A Prince of the Islands” on a transatlantic voyage and described in detail their arduous journey. Thanks to Pohl’s patient research (which includes an astonishing piece of calligraphic detective-work), we now know how the purpose of the expedition, the exact date of its arrival in New World and place of landing: we know of Prince Henry’s meeting with natives and of the enormous cultural impact he made upon them; and we know that he left a permanent memorial stamped on a rock in New England.