Solomon Nagler

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ISBN: 9781777554989


  Author:   Solomon Nagler  
  Artist :   Angela Henderson    
  Publisher:  Nevermore Press

piyyut is a long-form poem that assembles stories and fables from the Jewish Diaspora, attempting to unsettle refugee migration stories while exhuming poetic, prophetic voices in post-holocaust Europe.

Each verse is accompanied by hybrid vector-based and hand-rendered images by visual artist Angela Henderson, exploring intersections between experimental drawing and lyrical poetic form.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781777554989
Item NVR014
PublisherNevermore Press
PublisherNevermore Press
Published on May 1 2024
Language ENG
Pages 52
Format Paperback
Dimensions10(in) x 6(in)
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Solomon Nagler has published extensively within academic contexts over the past ten years, and is best known for his experimental film work which incorporates various forms of text on screen, and sculptural poetry. This award-winning work has thus far only been accessible as celluloid film prints that have been exhibited in galleries and cinemas across the globe. piyyut will provide the first collection of poetry conceived as being only presented in book form.

Angela Henderson's drawing practice engages concepts of counter-archiving and architectural speculation. As a visual artist, she uses mapping, gestural markings, and embodied practices to interpret landscape in the context of difficult histories. Her unique approach to this series of poems conceives of the written text as data that is deciphered, structurally informing her original drawings.