Home Is Where the Water Is

Hung-Min Chiang

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Home Is Where the Water Is

  Author:   Hung-Min Chiang    
  Publisher:  Island Studies Press

Born and raised in tumultuous times in East Asia, Hung-Min Chiang survived earthquakes, wars, foreign occupation, dictatorship, and illness before making his way to Prince Edward Island. While navigating his perilous journey, Chiang learned and practiced “The Way of Water,” Daoist lessons for living drawn from Nature. Home Is Where the Water Is examines the many critical turning points in a life and how these shaped the person he became.

Throughout his memoir, Chiang reflects on the lessons of his mentor, American psychologist Abraham Maslow (1908–1970) and his ancestor Chiang Taigong (1128–1015 BCE), a wacky old fisherman whose outlandish techniques caught the attention of a king. His fascination with these enigmatic figures led to a lifetime of questions and a rewarding career in psychology.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781988692333
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PublisherIsland Studies Press
PublisherIsland Studies Press
Published on April 3 2020
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Dr. Hung-Min Chiang, originally from Taiwan, came to Prince Edward Island with his family in 1967. A student of Abraham Maslow, he taught psychology at Prince of Wales College and the University of Prince Edward Island until his retirement in 1991. He is the author of Chinese Islanders: Making a Home in the New World.