Hangman’s Noose

Dorothy Dearborn

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ISBN: 9781896270197

Hangman’s Noose

A New Brunswick Book

  Author:   Dorothy Dearborn  
  Artist :   Carol Taylor    
  Publisher:  Neptune Publishing

In her book The Hangman’s Noose, Dorothy Dearborn explores the stories and traditions of more than 200 years of legal lynchings in New Brunswick. The most successful hangmen turned, what was often perceived as a ghoulish task, into what others considered to be a work of art, the success of which was based on effecting a clean and quick kill.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781896270197
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PublisherNeptune Publishing
PublisherNeptune Publishing
Published on December 10 2013
Language eng
Pages 128
Format Paperback
Dimensions8.5(in) x 5.5(in)
Shipping weight200(g)

Dorothy Dearborn began writing as a child and published her first poetry and short stories in the 1950s. A television career in the 1960s was interrupted by 6 years of front-line political involvement before choosing journalism as a career. She served in various editorial positions, including that of city editor, at the Saint John Times Globe and was editor of two weekly newspapers, The Kings County Record and the Saint John Citizen.

Among her many interests are the promotion of adult literacy in New Brunswick and an often frustrating romance with Duplicate Bridge.

Mrs. Dearborn continues to work as a journalist contributing regularly to regional, national and international newspapers and magazines and, in recent years established and publishes her own magazine, We’re Home.

When not traveling the province researching and collecting stories and information for her work she can be found in front of her Macintosh computer at the family’s 19th century farmhouse in Hampton, in the company of her new dog, Golden Boy. Ancient pony ‘Soupy’ and a motley assortment of other critters roam the fields.

She is married to Fred Dearborn, they have four grown children and numerous grandchildren.

Carol Taylor is the illustrator of all but one of Mrs. Dearborn's books, a chore she takes on gracefully despite her own busy career as an outstanding figurative artist and artisan. She makes her home in Rothesay.