Endgame 1758

A.J.B. Johnston

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ISBN: 9781897009208

Endgame 1758

The Promise, the Despair and the Glory of Louisbourg's Last Decade

  Author:   A.J.B. Johnston    
  Publisher:  Cape Breton University Press

The story of what happened at the colonial fortified town of Louisbourg between 1749 and 1758 is one of the great dramas of the history of Canada, indeed North America. The French stronghold on Cape Breton Island, strategically situated near the entrance to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, was from soon after its founding a major possession in the quest for empire. The dramatic military and social history of this short-lived and significant fortress, seaport and community, and citizens who made it their home, are woven together in A.J.B. Johnston’s gripping biography of the colony’s final decade, presented from both French and British perspectives.

Endgame 1758 is a tale of two empires in collision on the shores of mid-18th-century Atlantic Canada, where rival European visions of predominance clashed headlong with each other and the Aboriginal peoples. The magnitude of the struggle and of its uncertain outcome coloured the lives of Louisbourg’s inhabitants and the nearly thirty thousand combatants arrayed against it. The entire history comes to live in a tale of what turned out to be the first major British victory in the Seven Years’ War. How and why the French colony ended the way it did, not just in June and July 1758, but over the decade that preceded the siege, is a little-known and compelling story.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781897009208
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PublisherCape Breton University Press
PublisherCape Breton University Press
Published on October 30 2007
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A. J. B. (John) Johnston is the author or co-author of twenty-one books: sixteen on different aspects of the history of Atlantic Canada and five novels. The Canadian Historical Association awarded a Clio prize to his Endgame 1758: The Promise, the Glory and the Despair of Louisbourg's Last Decade, and Ni'n na L'nu: The Mi'kmaq of Prince Edward Island was selected in 2014 as the best published Atlantic book. John was made a chevalier of France's Ordre des Palmes académiques in recognition of his many publications on the French presence in Atlantic Canada. He lives in Halifax with his wife Mary. For more information, please visit ajbjohnston.com.

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