Clearing by Dawn

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Clearing by Dawn

  Publisher:  Pottersfield Press

Miranda Murray lives in the city where she is immersed in the challenging and exhausting work of creating live theatre. She loves what she does, but when she meets a fisherman from up the coast, her life makes a ninety-degree turn. She moves into his house, his boat, his lifestyle, and his community. Despite their differences of opinion regarding the role of captain (his job) and crew (hers), she goes lobster fishing with him, a job that is exhausting, exhilarating, smelly, cold, and wet.

To keep her perspective in balance, periodically she goes back to the city to hang out with her younger cousin and best friend, the stage manager of the theatre where she formerly worked. He supplies her with theatrical gossip, excellent Scotch, and reminds her of her good fortune.

Miranda and her husband raise three children and her views on child-rearing are constantly being modified by the reality of actually living with children.

She baits traps with dead mackerel and herring, makes art, finds new friends, fences with her mother-in-law, connects and sometimes disconnects with her parents and siblings. She picks wild strawberries from the plots of her own private graveyard and regularly falls in and out of love with her husband.

A gruesome discovery drives Miranda to an existential crisis. How can she deal with life, death, the existence or non-existence of God, the fear of loss, and knowledge of what the kids may really be up to? How can she deal with the grief and the joy that is part of everyday life? How will she ever get the smell of old bait out of her sleeves?

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781897426838
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PublisherPottersfield Press
Published on August 5 2016
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