Boatbuilding Down East

Royal Lowell

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ISBN: 9780937822739

Boatbuilding Down East

  Author:   Royal Lowell    
  Publisher:  WoodenBoat Books

The Maine lobsterboat is known and admired all over the country. This is a book on how to build one of these beautiful boats from start to finish. Over the years, many hundreds of these craft have been built so hat the methods of construction details have been worked out and refined to an unusual degree. For their size, these lobseterboats withstand some of the harshest possible use, as most of them fish all winter off the stormy coast of Maine. Such a boat has to be good to survive.

There are differences in the boats from one part of the coast to another, and from one boat to another within an area. But the boats from Beals Island and Jonesport have always been highly regarded, especially for their graceful good looks and high speed. The late Will Frost’s boats were always advanced for their day, and it was not at all strange that during Prohibition his shops on Beals Island and Jonesport were engaged to build some fast, high-powered rumrunners. His influence has much to so with the modern Maine lobsterboat as we know it today.

Not a little of Will Frost’s thinking about lobsterboats was passed on to his grandson Royal Lowell, the author of this book.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9780937822739
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PublisherWoodenBoat Books
Published on January 10 2002
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