Backyard Horseman

Ron Rude

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ISBN: 9780878425488

Backyard Horseman

  Author:   Ron Rude    
  Publisher:  Mountain Press Publishing

More than two million Americans own horses, and the horse industry pumps $39 billion into the United States economy each year. But contrary to stereotypes, most horse owners are not rich. They are everyday, hardworking people with a few acres and a love of horses. In The Backyard Horseman, second edition, author and horseman Ron Rude provides those people with a down-to-earth guide to raising and caring for horses on a limited budget.

Completely updated for the modern horse owner, The Backyard Horseman dispels romantic myths and replaces them with something far more valuable: honest, practical advice. As veterinarian Robert M. Miller writes in the foreword, “Neglect a motorcycle or car and it doesn’t suffer. But a horse is a living creature, capable of feeling hunger, thirst, and pain, and even loneliness. It is imperative that those of us who handle horses be well informed, no matter how casually we use them. That is the purpose of this book.”

The Backyard Horseman covers topics such as buying, feeding, and training, as well as health, gear, shelter, pasture management, shows and events, and the tough ethical dilemmas owners face when horses grow old. But The Backyard Horseman is more than just a guide. It is also provides a philosophy that, with planning, study, and practice, leads to a solid foundation of true horsemanship.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9780878425488
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PublisherMountain Press Publishing
PublisherMountain Press Publishing
Published on June 6 2016
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Pages 190
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Ron Rude has kept a few horses on a few acres with a limited budget for nearly forty years. He is the author of Waiting for Otto and Wild Horses Running, as well as numerous articles in equine publications. Ron rides extensively in the backcountry, occasionally works cattle for neighborhood ranches, and reads widely on the subject of horsemanship. He lives in Plains, Montana, with his wife Karen.