B pour bayou

Richard Guidry

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ISBN: 9782897501617

B pour bayou

Un abecedaire cadien

  Author:   Richard Guidry  
  Artist :   Réjean Roy    
  Publisher:  Bouton d’or Acadie

In the heart of the Bayou, where the Cipre trees rise from the swamp, a Cocodrie slumbers. Can you see it, as you perch in your Arbre à poules? In Nénaine’s kitchen, the aroma of Débris and Jambalaya fills the air.

B pour bayou [B for bayou] is a cajun ABC in which Richard Guidry (AKA «Le gros Cadien» or «the Big Cajun») and his friends offer up a Gombo-soaked delicacy of words, while illustrator Réjean Roy takes us aboard his Esquif, down the Mississippi.

After Ah! pour Atlantique, we leave the Acadie of the Maritimes for the Cajun Acadia of Louisiana!

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ISBN associated with this title: 9782897501617
Item BA0077
PublisherBouton d’or Acadie
PublisherBouton d'or Acadie
Published on August 12 2019
Language fre
Pages 72
Format Hardcover
Dimensions9(in) x 9(in)
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"Being around him was like being around a talking dictionary", said Barry Jean Ancelet about his friend and colleague. Richard Guidry was an author, an activist and a major spokesperson for the protection of cajun and creole French, as well as a Professor at the University of Lousiana in Lafayette. He died in 2008, leaving a great void in Cajun and Acadian hearts. B pour Bayou [B for Bayou] is inspired by the numerous pedagogical tools he developped, and contains sections signed by his friends, to share the love of language with the youngest among us.

Réjean Roy lives in Petite-Nation, Quebec, but he is from New Brunswick. Biologist, very sought-after painter in many galleries in Canada, he is also a very talented illustrator. He has more than 40 titles to his name, nearly half of them at Bouton d'or Acadie.