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  Author:   P. Andrew Power    
  Publisher:  Paul Power

It was supposed to be a simple recovery operation. All Harder Security had to do was liberate a ransomed plane and fly it from Angola to anywhere else. Maybe the mistake was his insistence on being part of the operation. If he wasn’t there, Phil wouldn’t have known there was a crate of uncut diamonds on the plane. He wouldn?t be in a position to decide to crash-land the plane at their base in Ethiopia to keep from declaring them. And the government wouldn’t be forced to ask them to pack up their stuff and go. The crate of diamonds could have been the infusion he needed to grow the company. Now it seems to be the thing that will take them all down. But not without a fight.

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ISBN associated with this title:9780992044725
Item MC0251
PublisherPaul Power
PublisherPaul Power
Published onJanuary 16 2019
Language eng
Pages 408
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P. Andrew Power was born and raised in Halifax and is now writing out of Ottawa. He is the author of two novels (GRiP—a Novel and a Reflex, and Angle). His formal education and training is in business and he has made a successful career becoming a CPA. He is a member of Ottawa Independent Writers. His stories are allegorical, drawing upon his corporate experience with dark themes that explore the underbelly of common perception. He lives in Ottawa with his wife and three children. When he isn't writing novels he is a happy family guy who enjoys painting, boxing, and working with his clients.