A Very Silly Alphabet

Jeannie Hillman

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ISBN: 9781774710142

A Very Silly Alphabet

  Author:   Jeannie Hillman  
  Artist :   Sarah Shortcliffe    
  Publisher:  Nimbus Publishing Limited

A riotous, quirky nonsense-poetry alphabet with a focus on literacy featuring bright and silly illustrations of a diverse cast of characters.

A Very Silly Alphabet is a collection of twenty-six delightful read-aloud poems. It’s playful and packed with wonderful words and curious characters – like little Leila, who just cannot stop licking things, and Queen Quinlan the Querulous, a wretched quibbler. Will Silly Sally find happiness with a sausage by the sea? Will Idris Iago Inigo Crump ever get the lump out of his pillow?

Created by former literacy teacher Jeannie Hillman, A Very Silly Alphabet is intended to stretch the idea of an alphabet book past introducing and promoting familiarity with letters toward helping children develop phonetic, as well as phonic, awareness in a light-hearted, fun context.

Readers will love the rhythms, rhymes, and tongue-twisters of this absolutely ridiculous alphabet — and may learn a thing or two! A joyful read-aloud that will appeal to all ages.

Details and Specs
ISBN associated with this title: 9781774710142
Item NB1480
PublisherNimbus Publishing Limited
PublisherNimbus Publishing Limited
Published on November 4 2021
Language ENG
Pages 32
Format Paperback
Dimensions8(in) x 10(in)
Shipping weight149(g)
Jeannie Hillman lives on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. After a lifetime of encouraging children to love words and language she has decided it is time to use her knowledge and joy in the playfulness of words to explore her own creativity. This book of rhymes is the result.

Sarah Shortliffe is an artist, mother, and military wife born and raised in the Maritimes. She has been creating art since she was young and went on to get a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and a Master's degree in Art Conservation. Her goal is to transport the viewer to a fanciful and whimsical place. She wants to make the viewer smile and loves the bright colours she gets from watercolours.

Quick Quotes

The illustrations do a great job of reflecting Canada's diverse population. A variety of ethnicities are depicted. One character wears a hijab and another a patka. That the names used in the poems originate from a variety of cultures is lovely.