Wreck Hunter 2

Terry Dwyer

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ISBN: 9781897462423

Wreck Hunter 2

  Author:   Terry Dwyer    
  Publisher:  Four East Publications

There are over 10,000 shipwrecks off the coast of Nova Scotia with an astonishing less than one percent having ever been located. The possibilities and opportunities for new discoveries of shipwrecks are limitless. Spend some time in the company of an adventurer, find out what makes him tick and join in on some of his real life adventures. Experience the thrills, excitement and challenges that are associated with searching for shipwrecks and sunken treasure. Learn about the latest cutting edge technology, techniques and tools used to locate shipwrecks. The current laws, the policies, the opinions, the players, the politics and the resulting problems and issues currently affecting the controversial and often public debate concerning shipwrecks. Finally take a glimpse into the future as the adventure continues into uncharted areas of shipwreck exploration.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781897462423
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PublisherFour East Publications
PublisherFour East Publications
Published on April 30 2016
Language eng
Pages 200
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