Amy Jo Ehman

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A Life in Pictures

  Author:   Amy Jo Ehman    
  Publisher:  MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc.

In photography, Thelma Pepper found a capacity to peer into other lives and to find in them a celebraiton of the human spirit.

Thelma Stevens Pepper was born in 1920. A century later—from her adoptive home in Saskatoon—she reflects on a hundred years of life, love, and pictures.

At 60, it was creativity and passion that rescued Thelma Pepper from the depths of depression. With her kids grown and gone, she was floundering, wondering who she was, and what she was meant to do. In photography, she found what her father and grandfather before her had found and that was a capacity to peer into other lives and to find in them a celebration of the human spirit.

It was that commitment to capturing the human condition that led to her work not only being celebrated here in Canada but around the world. In these noble lives, she found herself.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781772761573
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PublisherMacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc.
PublisherMacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc.
Published on September 8 2020
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Amy Jo Ehman was born in Saskatoon and grew up on the family farm 150 kms away from there. Her first art gallery, first train ride, first perogie, and first picnic were in Saskatoon. She studied at the University of Saskatchewan and worked as a news reporter at the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix and CBC Radio & TV. She has two previous books, Prairie Feast: A Writer's Journey Home for Dinner and Out of Old Saskatchewan Kitchens. Amy Jo lives in Saskatoon. Amy Jo loves Saskatoon.

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"Saskatoon born Amy Jo Ehman goes on a personal journey of re-discovery in this richly-illustrated history of her home town. Engaging, eclectic, and sometimes quirky, the book re-examines Saskatoon's past with a view to separating fact from fiction. Above all, it a book full of people stories that offer new perspective on the city's history." — Bill Waiser, 2016 Governor General Award winner for A World We have Lost: Saskatchewan Before 1905