The Land Beyond the Wall

Veronika Martenova Charles

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ISBN: 9781771084659

The Land Beyond the Wall

An Immigration Story

  Author:   Veronika Martenova Charles    
  Publisher:  Nimbus Publishing

Emma lives on the grey, cold, lonely side of a wall, where people speak in whispers and no flowers grow. On the other side, there is happiness and colour, but she can never go there. When Emma’s parents disappear, she is sent to live with her Aunt Lily, who, “just like the land withered from lack of sunshine, was broken by the life she led.” One day, Aunt Lily discovers Emma drawing and dashes her niece’s dream of becoming an artist. That is, until one day, when a strange boat captain, and an even stranger boat, arrive, and she leaves her world behind forever.

Following Emma’s arrival in a strange land (Halifax’s Pier 21), her placement in a group home, and the discovery of her voice through art, The Land Beyond the Wall is a beautifully rendered allegory that uses magic realism to confront the harsh realities of immigration, and the universal struggle of finding one’s voice, and one’s place in the world.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781771084659
Item NB1256
PublisherNimbus Publishing
PublisherNimbus Publishing
Published on May 12 2017
Language eng
Pages 32
Format Hardcover
Dimensions10.5(in) x 8.25(in)
Shipping weight410(g)
Veronika Martenova Charles grew up in Prague, Czechoslovakia. When her grandmother put a stop to her drawing classes, she became a singer instead. After her dramatic arrival to Canada, she studied art at university and became an award-winning author and illustrator. Her books include Maiden of the Mist and The Birdman. Veronika is currently researching the future of children's storytelling in doctoral studies.

Quick Quotes

The Land Beyond the Wall is a story of bravery, hope and determination. And although Charles uses age-appropriate prose and shields her audience from the specifics of her main character's predicament, the political and social messages are clear: all people deserve to be free, art is important and the world is often unfair. —Atlantic Books Today (Halifax, NS)

Even recent immigrants would be able to identify with the feelings portrayed in the book, as well as those seeking to learn about the experience. —Resource Links (NF)

With powerful imagery and heart-felt emotion, The Land Beyond the Wall will spark discussion and reflection. —Canadian Materials Magazine (Winnipeg, MB)